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is one of those television shows that all kinds of people in your life—even the ones who don’t keep up with “cool” TV—seem to be obsessed with. It’s not hard to hear about what’s going on with any of them.” would seem a slam-dunk campaign. ” Kelly has a similar perspective: “I think some things are better left [with people] wanting more.”, it does not mean they have left their characters, spiritually, behind. I really look forward to opportunities of showing how different I am from her, how much stronger I am than her,” she said, citing Richard Linklater, Wes Anderson, and Reed Morano as directors she would love to work with. Your parents, your grandparents, your cousin, your baby brother, your barista, your dentist, your dog—they all make the same gleeful expression when the show gets mentioned. There is a fanaticism about the show that is rare even by Beloved Cult TV standards. But the duo—who both talk about the show in the reverent, joyous way that you or your friends might talk about your favorite teacher in high school—both said, to awkwardly slide a football metaphor in here, that they believe the clock has run out. I asked both where they think their characters would be now, five years since we left them, after the series finale in 2011. I think he’d have, hopefully, a simple life.” And would he be with Tyra, his character’s sometimes love interest (played by Adrianne Palicki)? It’d be hilarious to have little Riggins-and-Tyra kids. Kelly said that her character probably ended up staying in Nashville after attending Vanderbilt University, which is how we left Lyla. We couldn’t help but notice how the actress totally stammered her way through the response, without ever denying that she’s dating her hot co-star.Of course, she’s no stranger to the publicity that comes with a high-profile romance like this one would be (#neverforget the Ryan Gosling era), so perhaps, if it’s true, she’s aiming to be a bit more private this time around.The only person or thing holding your back is yourself. And [Peter] Berg had a big role in that, from the get-go, from improv-ing in the audition room, from how he shot the pilot, ‘Try this, try that.’ “I was talking to [Kyle] Chandler, and he was saying, ‘In 20 years in this business, you will never get an opportunity to grow so much, so fast.’ We always say, he’s the spine of the show and we’re there to support him. Do you remember when we were getting the scripts for episodes 4, 5, 6, and how intense it all was and we were like, ‘How do they know we can even do this? “Especially at the beginning, the stakes were so high, ‘We’ve got to get this thing going and get people on board.’ And you’re watching these other actors, watching them bring their game up, and you’re like, ‘I don’t know if I can match these guys right now.’ I’ve caught myself just watching Kyle, just watching other actors, just being a fan. “Yeah, and at the same time, he’ll play that, but really, you can push his buttons quite easily, in a sense.Everyone’s in line waiting to work more with him.” Does it ever get intimidating, to work this way? If you bring certain things up, he’ll completely shut down.And that's exactly what Mc Adams did, laughing off the reports that she and Kitsch are an item. Back in June, she and Kitsch were spotted dining together at Osteria Mozza in West Hollywood, California, which further fueled the speculation that they were more than friends.

I think he’s getting a better understanding of what his decisions are doing to other people and he’s apologizing to anyone who’ll listen." It seems as though there are a bunch of articles about the show popping up lately. If I have an idea with this show, I’m going to talk to [Jeffrey] Reiner, even showing up to the set with an idea, they have no problem with. Everyone has some kind of escape, everyone can relate to that in some sense. Not being able to trust people.” There was that one episode where it became obvious that he’d been abandoned very young by both parents. People were ripping into his character, like, ‘He’s supposed to be the bad boy.’ But if you understand anyone’s psyche, when something like that happens – that was the only person he could trust, and that was taken away from him, right in front of his eyes.” And he felt as though he was supposed to prevent it. That’s his job.” And that ties into the family thing – like, he must feel he drove his parents away. How many times can you keep putting yourself out there before you finally give up?I mean, a 17 year old kid who drinks like that, and has nobody to talk to. ‘Hey, Billy, get up, let’s go for a walk.’ He’s too drunk to walk so I’ll just talk to him when he’s passed out [laughs].“But I think Riggins is becoming a bit more mature and coming into his own and being a more of a leader, although he’s still making 17 year old decisions.In a June interview with, Kitsch talked about his troubles with dating.

"You sacrifice so f**kin' much [as an actor]," he told the magazine.

The norm for a high school show is for it to move at a rapid clip, with oodles of plotlines being thrown out and resolved each episode.