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(Music)You are in Australia touring your sixth studio album, Strange Little Birds.

How does it feel to still be packing out venues more than 20 jeers since Garbage emerged?

Monique Schafter sat down with Shirley Manson, who along with being a charismatic performer, is a fierce advocate of women's rights.

(Music)MONIQUE SCHAFTER: Fronted by a fierce Scot named Shirley Manson, alternative rock band Garbage was one of the most influential groups of the '90s.

Two, I held the bowl in my hand and squatted over it.

Three, of course I used the bowl later - after cleaning it, naturally."She also noted: "That was one of my big mistakes and I should never have said it.

about the whole matter, the singer simply replied with: "That is true."In the past, Shirley briefly talked about the incident, saying: "One, yes, I really really did it. "Asked whether the dude what the thing floating in his cereal was, Manson replied: "Yes, he knew what it was. In 1995, Garbage released its self-titled debut album, which went double platinum due to hits such as "Only Happy When It Rains," "Stupid Girl" and "Vow." Manson went on to release four more albums with Garbage, including Shirley Manson was born on August 26, 1966, in Edinburgh, Scotland.The musician was the second of three daughters born to John Manson, a geneticist, and Muriel Manson, a former big-band vocalist.The harassment took its toll; Manson fell into a deep depression and began cutting herself. Though the album failed to produce hits, it did get Manson noticed by Butch Vig, drummer for the band Garbage, when he saw her on MTV.