Who is cm punk dating in real life

06-Aug-2018 07:32

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It’s going to be a busy one with the Strikeforce event on Saturday and TNA’s version of ‘Wrestle Mania’ with their Bound for Glory PPV on Sunday night.We’ll be here all weekend with the latest news and rumors. Now, an esteemed group of 10 guys/gals who have had the privilege of donning the coveted winner’s badge are about to encounter a different type of competitor on the legendary MTV battleground.will pit 10 of America’s top athletes against familiar faces from the long-running series.As noted several weeks ago here on the website, Phoenix is now dating CM Punk in real-life.In other WWE relationship news, The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool are still an item and Kelly Kelly and Justin Gabriel are together as well.

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The pair of WWE stars started dating last fall, and the relationship reportedly moved along quite quickly.NFL star Victor Cruz will host the special six-week event, which premieres on Tuesday, May 16. Before we get to the roster, the game rules for the first-of-its-kind clash of the titans is as follows: Each episode will focus on a different strength (agility, ingenuity, brawn, brains, endurance and guts).Every week, the winning team’s captain will choose one member of their team to go into the elimination round, and the rest of the team will vote in their opponent.The losing team’s captain is automatically sent into elimination, and their team will also nominate their opponent.