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The movie is about writing and the insanity of writers.For those of you unfamiliar with the process...imagine spending months or even years of your life working on a painting that you yourself can never see. Then finally sits down at the typewriter and writes a single paragraph.

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Andrei: Congratulations on a great game and greetings from Ia? It communicates a lot of false implication for very little actual information; I'd either cut it entirely or replace it with an addition equation. Cameron: Hi, I bought this game off of steam and at first it wasn't looking good because it crashed upon start up.Millions of Americans will be heading out on a vacation next weekend.Whether you're one of them or you're staying at home, you can profit from all the travel. Every year, it seems, regardless of what the market does, one class of investors just keeps raking in more net worth than any other, while everyone else is left to envy. I've been reading your Dev Blog for a while and it must feel great to finally reach this point :) I only just announced a release date for my own game as well (Postmortem: so seeing a fellow indie dev's project come to fruition is so inspirational : D Mark: Great game, but too short! This makes me feel like actually working on my own game a little more. That outside perspective is something quite a few developers lack, and sometimes it shows. A section on the site for user made levels would be great. Dave: Just finished this today, fantastic game, thank you Curing Game Dev blues - the other Dev Blogs that inspire me | Koobazaur's Domain: [...] Francis (Pentadact) – a PCGamer journalist that just released his own first game Gunpoint! Horizontal bars - as with the rest on that screen - usually represent an optimization situation, to be filled or emptied.