Updating my htc touch

28-Apr-2018 02:28

There are reports that it works fine in 32 bit version, and that it might work with the 64bit version if you disable driver signing.I just successfully upgraded my HTC Touch Dual (known as NIKE in other regions) from windows mobile 6.0 to 6.5. I wasted 5 hours at this point when i bricked my mobile because it will not flash correctly.Because we are going to be flashing a non-official ROM onto it, we need to replace it. Read this the first forum post to give you an idea of what we are doing. You will now see a temporary bootloader which will allow you to upgrade your phone’s bootloader.The way to do this is to run a “Soft SPL”, which will temporarily allow you to flash a new bootloader onto your phone (called a Hard SPL). Make sure you have removed your SIM card, SD cards, etc.My computer wouldn’t detect the phone until I did this.The boot loader should say USB after you’ve done it. p=2786065&postcount=439, download hardspl-1.22On your computer run ROMUpdate Source PCD; To wrap up the Microsoft NYC Open House this week, we got to play with some of the latest and greatest Windows phones featuring Windows Mobile 6.5.It was all the usual suspects if you will: AT&T Touch Pro 2 (aka Tilt 2), Pure; Verizon Imagio.

The solution to this might be to close the apps running in the background to optimize the device’s performance.

Anyways, the new Sprint HTC Arrive (aka 7 Pro) is basically a Touch Pro 3--the devices feel very similar, are nearly identical in size and quality.

Still, we figured we get some close up glamor shots for you people who are curious about jumping to the new guy in town (we vote: While the rest of us have moved on to Windows Phone 7, there once was a killer device (sans CPU) called the Touch Pro 2 running Windows Mobile 6.5.

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To make this page easier to find, make sure you bookmark it.Besides the charging time issues, HTC One owners have also reported that HTC One batteries drains really fast. If this does not help, then you can try the following settings. Disable apps you don’t need, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc. Adjust the screen brightness to a low level, and reduce the screen timeout duration.If there are many apps running in the background, the HTC One might start lagging.With a 4.7-inch 1080x1920 pixels display, a sleek aluminum body, dual frontal stereo speakers and many other highlights, HTC One sold 1.2 million units in May, doubled up compared to April.