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's latest evictee Samantha Fox is making some very serious allegations about Stephen Bear.Before her eviction on Tuesday (August 23) alongside Katie Waissel, Samantha was apparently very nearly seriously injured in one of Bear's magic tricks-gone-wrong.Katie Price is certainly warming up in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house but even we were left a little red-faced by her latest revelations.Pricey didn’t hold back during a chat about her ex-husband Alex Reid with fellow housemates Cami Li, Kavana and Michelle Visage.

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Digs come briefing chemistry between us, but it expensive.

Everywhere I look I see needy pathetic people staring gormlessly into their mobile phones, people who don’t seem to be able to make any decision, however minor and irrelevant, without constant affirmation from these lame grown-up comfort blankets.

Grown men riding huge mountain bikes on pavements have long been a pet hate, and I’m now so old and fearless that I yell as they draw level with me: ‘AH, IS DIDDUMS SCARED TO RIDE HIS TRIKE IN THE ROAD?

But by 2011 it was all over with Katie claiming Alex’s 'desire to promote himself’ had ‘caused a change in the dynamic of our relationship and contributed to our alienation'.

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This amazing 4 piece band have toured all over the UK, and abroad, performing to crowds as large as 17,000.My relationship with telephones has always been intense and even somewhat parasexual; they were, when I was a stir-crazy teeny-bopper in the English provincial 1970s, a symbol of freedom. Once, during a particularly dull period in my first marriage, I called a primitive sex chat line to see what it was like and was so excited by the transgressive nature of what I was doing that I actually came before anything dirty was said — literally during the phone listing. Why, then, am I the only person I know — apart from my husband — who does not possess and never has possessed a mobile phone?The drawings of carefree teenage girls with phones in their bedrooms I’d see in Jackie; sitting on the stairs for hours cooing with my current adolescent amour when we’d just said goodbye at the school gates; Doris Day films in which career girls living in Manhattan apartments meet dishy bachelors through shared ‘party lines’... I’m repelled by how stupid mobile phones make people look, yapping away ceaselessly into them in the street.The idea that I could become dependent on a TELEPHONE strikes me as positively surreal.