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19-Jul-2017 17:14

As far as men were concerned, I had the good fortune to be restricted by neither type nor taste.

The not-yet-couple were sitting across the bar at Low Brau when they locked eyes, “and I immediately felt electricity, and my huge silly grin was answered with the same breadth of excitement,” says Kelliann.In some ways, dating has never been easier, mostly thanks to technology. With everything (and everyone) so accessible, we don’t have to try anymore. It doesn’t matter if you’ve met through an app while sitting in different rooms across the country, or by locking eyes while sitting across the same bar—you’ll never have a shot at love if you don’t spend time together. Which is maybe why dating has become such a lost art.Single Parents' Day is March 21st, and it's a wonderful occasion to champion single mums and dads.