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Though Rahul was adult now but he looked quite younger and Kaamini used to ignore his stares on her body which were increasing day by day.Rahul used to sit on his bed in a particular angle everyday so that whenever Kaamini used to sweep the floor so that he could see her huge and healthy cleavage.The dialect incorporates words and pronunciations mainly from Marathi, Hindi and a little from the other languages of India, e.g. Linguistically, the predominant substratum influence on Mumbai is Marathi, reflecting Mumbai's location in a wider Marathi-speaking a result of its frequent use in Bollywood movies.One was nineteen year old Rahul and the other was eleven year old Amit.

Chatterji, "Indian films have the unique quality of different characters speaking different varieties of Hindi according to their social status, their caste, communal identity, education, profession, financial status, etc.

This story is part of our Life-hacks series and this particular answer from Amit Banerjee on Quora caught my eyes and I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this with you. And here I am, travelling in a jet to save time because I am short in leaves. Whenever I am in trouble, I open my archive and see this cheque.