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02-Apr-2018 18:42

When the presentation was over, audience members who had a collaborative idea held up the presenter’s card with their own name on it and idea.The cards were collected and a spread sheet is being created of possible partnerships.(Think hallelujah, finally, someone really gets me.) In the past, social psychologists have had a difficult time observing initial romantic attraction in action, but the speed-dating methodology used in this study allowed the investigators to take a serious look at the chemistry that has been at the center of so much literature, art and imagination throughout the ages."Potential partners who seem undiscriminating are a definite turnoff, and those who evoke the magic of feeling special are a big draw," said Paul W.

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Now researchers have discovered that this law of reciprocity is in dire need of an asterisk in the domain of romantic attraction.

The more you tend to experience romantic desire for all the potential romantic partners you meet, the study shows, the less likely it is that they will desire you in return.