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Kotango, a new social network for those who ascribe (or aspire) to something other than monogamy, intends to do exactly that.Imagine it as something like a kinky mashup of Facebook, Ok Cupid and Reddit, a place for the sexually venturesome to connect, cruise for dates and seek out advice.Where the article diverges from reporting on Kotango, however, it strikes off-key notes that don't help me trust the rest of it.I mean, since when is poly a subset of kink, or only about "sexual adventurers"? Brown, Chronicle staff writer Kotango brings kink and tech together for sexual adventurers Since moving from Louisiana a few years back, William Winters has ascended to a sort of unofficial throne, the de facto king of the East Bay polyamory scene.Less than 50 years later, not a single one of the multi-billion population remained.Conservation groups said the tragic loss of the once-booming passenger pigeon should serve as a timely reminder of the fragility of a huge number of species around the world.“The 100 anniversary of Martha’s death is not only a chance to remember her species, but to draw attention to the plight of countless other species who continue to face extinction because of our actions,” said Ken Norris, director of science and the Zoological Society of London.

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(Update January 21, 2015: It's got more members now, but parts of the site are still pretty clunky.) At least, so says a long article in the business section of the San Francisco Chronicle.Christine White was a preteen when she went on her first diet. It was easier to hide the purging from her family than it was to explain why she wasn’t eating.At school, she was bubbly and outgoing, an honors student immersed in social causes. In her darkest moments, she would scribble her anxieties into a blue-lined journal.“.”As a college student, she stopped throwing up but kept overeating. “If I'm stressed, let me crawl inside a bag of Tostitos,” said White, who goes by her nickname, Cissy.But even in a region where alternative sexual cultures thrive in the open, the polyamory community has remained a relatively small circle.