Scott speedman dating costar

07-Mar-2017 15:48

costar Keri Russell."That's when I was dating Keri, yeah.

She lived out there," the actor recalled."Oh yeah, I didn't know you guys dated," Handler said."Why did you think we were at breakfast every morning?

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The 38-year-old actor and his gal seem to be going strong after dating for nearly a year and a half, though it’s rare to spot them together.I mean, when you say 'sub-naval drama,' I'm very interested," Speedman said during the Television Critics Association panel July told the mag: On people not knowing his show: “Every time somebody asks me about it, they ask me if I’m the host. Even though the two have never spoken, what he writes is so insightful, so perfect, it persuades Felicity to change the course of her future.