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The results demonstrate that the system successfully extracts more than 99% of the dissolved inorganic carbon in less than 20 minutes.

Stable isotope and radiocarbon isotope analyses demonstrated system precision of 0.02‰ and 3.5‰ respectively.

A (federally-funded) handling and analysis surcharge applies to small samples (2-9 µmol).

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The steps you take to prepare your sample for AMS analysis are by far the most important determinant of the quality of the radiocarbon result.When handling samples it is important you wear gloves to avoid imparting any carbon or oils from your skin to the sample. We expect submitters to prepare samples which are "ready to analyze". Visually inspect your samples, with a microscope if possible, and remove any material that does not belong.NOSAMS Related Research is a database of researchers and their publications related to radiocarbon analyses made at the National Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Facility (NOSAMS) located at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

The seachable database may be accessed by clicking here.Your choices define the sample and determine the scope of questions that can ultimately be addressed.While AMS allows the precise measurement of radiocarbon from tiny amounts of material, the potential resolution can easily be obscured by analyzing inappropriate components.The investigator will always know more about the samples than we do, and s/he should define the sample by removing as much contamination from a sample as possible (e.g., sediment, quartz grains, rootlets) and where there is ample material, by carefully choosing a subsample for AMS analysis. If you are not sure, or expect that less than 100 μg of pure carbon will be extracted in the Sample Prep Lab, please indicate on the NOSAMS Submittal Form whether we may use small sample techniques.