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Miss April 1997 Kelly Monaco has been a fixture of popular culture and television for decades, but her first appearance in the national spotlight was actually away from the small screen.After submitting her pictures to from 1997 to 1998 as an extra and body double to fellow Playmate Carmen Electra (who reportedly could not swim).(Kelly has two other children—a four-year-old son, Yates, and a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Yardley—with her husband, Douglas Brunt, formerly a corporate CEO, now a full-time novelist.), in both total audience and the 25-to-54 demographic crucial to advertisers.Kelly has even occasionally beaten the Big Daddy of cable news, Bill O'Reilly, in that key demo.It's been seven years since a rain storm of this magnitude has hit Southern California.And on Sunday, Kelly Rowland braved the wet and windy conditions in a snakeskin print matching set for a grocery run in Beverly Hills.Right before her amazing performance at Super Bowl 50, Jay sent his wife 10,000 roses as a way to say “break a leg” and “I love you.” With Bey reportedly saying she’s ready to call it quits, how many roses will Jay need to save his marriage?

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When asked where she thinks the health-policy fiasco is going, Kelly has a typically sharp response.

Monaco has shined as a television favorite for decades and has long reigned as a captivating cover girl.

In addition to appearing in several cover was named sexiest of the decade by the magazine.

With her naughtily mussed blond bob framing her flashing dark blue eyes and perpetually glossed lips, Kelly is an almost self-parodically perfect apotheosis of her species, the FOX fox.

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Winding down from tonight's broadcast, about a month into the era—in the course of which she sparred at length about the travails of Obamacare with Clintonista brain-truster James Carville and later played mild counterpoint to Strangelovian former UN ambassador John Bolton's ranting about the nuclear negotiations with Tehran—Kelly is chatting late into the evening without a hint of being in a hurry, even though, as she confides with scarcely concealed pride, "Usually Thatcher wakes me up in the five o'clock hour," back home in Westchester County, "and I'll feed him." That would be her baby boy, born just last August.When it comes to off-camera endeavors, Monaco has taken a meaningful path.She has worked as a children’s activist, traveling to Nairobi, Kenya to help local children and raise awareness about starvation and global poverty with Feed The Children.I don't know that they can bring that group back into the fold—and that weakens the Republican party, because they do not stand united.