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At the time, Collin and Alexis left their school after Kate was told the school could no longer meet their needs.Gosselin said her children were suffering from post-divorce anger and were acting out in school in response.But time and time again, Kate has proved herself to be a diva, controlling mother, and bitter ex-wife.In case you have forgotten or don’t agree, check out her 10 worst moments. But now that TLC has given Kate the boot, it’s time to remember times like when Kate slammed her ex-husband Jon Gosselin repeatedly on national TV, or cried because she didn’t want to feed her kids pizza on her most recent RV trip.The reality star explained she doesn’t have time for blind dates with a house full of kids to run, but you can expect to see her attempt to date on the show.

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The Gosselin family has had their fair share of struggles, with the most recent being Kate’s decision to send her now 12-year-old son Collin away from their home to receive help in reaching his “full potential.” .She underwent intrauterine insemination, which resulted in the birth of her twin daughters, Cara and Madelyn, in October 2000.Gosselin and Jon began fertility treatments once again in 2003, hoping to add a third child to their family.Not even sure how they know and I know nothing, of course,” Gosselin laughed.