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With an oral history of the club’s heyday, Jean Stein chronicles the whirl of sexual freedom, official corruption, and Mafia control that fueled the party—until the night Fidel Castro’s revolutionaries took the floor.My dance partner Rolando and I were set to put on a live floor show in the front of the cabin.- Radiothérapie envisageable, lymphadénectomie étendue par voie laparoscopique (ou ouverte) isolément dans un premier temps, s'il est envisagé en cas de stade p N1, soit une extension du champ d'irradiation aux ganglions pelviens, soit de ne pas réaliser de radiothérapie. Radiothérapie prostatique et ganglionnaire pelvienne associée à une hormonothérapie (sans lymphadénectomie préalable). - Radiothérapie externe de la loge et du pelvis (N confirmé après curage mené isolément). - Hormonothérapie adjuvante dans les deux options précédentes. Patient asymptomatique si c'est son choix (PSA-DT). That’s how we brought Nat King Cole to Havana that March, the first of three times he performed at Tropicana. And of course I met them all: George Fowler, Pepe Fanjul, and the Sanchezes, Emilio and Marcelo. The fellows that owned the sugar plantations were the only ones I knew.He was tall, so good-looking, a handsome black man. Cuba was wonderful because it was sexy, especially when you’re young and you’re a girl and you have friends who will take you to clubs with music all night long. I remember this little black piano player at Tropicana. We were young and crazy and drinking, dancing, singing, gambling, and having a wonderful time.We even had a band from Tropicana with us—a pianist, a bongo player, a drummer, and a trumpet player.The front seats had been taken out so the musicians could all fit in with their instruments. The passengers started off with pink daiquiris, and then, as soon as the plane took off, Rolando and I bounded out and started our show. I pranced down the aisles, pulling the Americans up from their seats to dance with me. ”We breezed through the airport when the plane landed, jumped on Tropicana’s bus, and headed straight to the club.

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