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The diverse group of authors is proactively working in the LCA field, in methodology development, data provision, data compiling, or product optimization and communication.The authors' respective affiliations apply, assess, and support LCA; they use it as a decision support and communication tool in their organizations or along value and process chains and to discuss with stakeholders.It is expected (and explicitly permitted) to create custom DTDs based on the HTML5.1 DTDs provided here.The Restrictive HTML5.1 DTD XML DTDs cannot express all the conformance requirements of this specification.These DTDs are primarily useful for checking/validating and normalizing HTML.In SGML applications, it's common (and the point of using SGML in the first place) to define custom DTDs containing application-specific grammar and processing rules, including for generic HTML applications such as outlining, metadata extraction, search result formatting, paging, templating, etc.However, LCA application in practice must fulfill three basic criteria: (1) It must be reliable in order to ensure the credibility of information and results generated, (2) it must fit into existing information routines and practices in business to ensure applicability, and (3) it must provide quantitative and relevant information to inform decision makers.

More recently we have been providing secure access to disclosive and more sensitive data.The restrictive DTD covers all elements of HTML, SVG, Math ML, and the ARIA attributes.The Permissive HTML5.1 DTD is a compact DTD based on an analysis of the Restrictive DTD containing essential parsing rules for HTML.No compiler will help you ensure that the data coming into your program from the network is correct.

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At Booster, we decided to rewrite our Loop Back-based API earlier this year.

We are an acknowledged centre of expertise in the areas of acquiring, curating and providing access to data.