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10-Jul-2018 14:54

As gay men, it’s very likely that we’ll all date outside of our age group at some point or another.Whether you’re on the older or younger end of the dynamic, it can be as much of a culture shock as any less than conventional relationship.

Still, before you label Justin this way, I’d ask you to consider a few “May/December” opposite-sex couples.

One reason might be the shift towards more conservative, traditional views of couplehood.

Civilities is a new column in The Washington Post covering LGBT and straight etiquette.

But the list brings up a great question: Why are there so many famous intergenerational gay couples?

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And is that reflecting changes in the way gay men date?

Ideas about marriage, having children, finances, retirement, etc. The larger the age difference, the more difficult it may be to find common ground when it comes to key life goals.