I think i am dating a narcissist

16-Aug-2017 09:43

i think i am dating a narcissist-32

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Narcissists yearn for perfect, romantic love and absolute adoration.People often think that narcissistic individuals love only themselves, like Narcissus in the Greek myth who fell in love with his own reflection, but the polar opposite is true.One of the best ways to get a narcissist to leave you alone (eventually) is to ignore them. For a random person, there are generally three interactions as follows: Narcissist’s response: He or she realizes that you aren’t worth their time (as you aren’t giving narcissistic supply) and ignores you right back.However, being ignored by a love interest or from someone they value is a different story altogether.The narcissist strokes their ego and pampers them, sowing the seeds of love.Narcissists can be exceedingly nice, quite charming, flirtatious and seductive, and will flatter someone shamelessly if they want something from them.He (or she) can make their intended target feel important and highly valued, lavishing constant affection in order to make them feel special.

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The Narc apologized (hah) and I got to doing some research. Turns out, I really am the perfect narcissistic supply.Narcissists have a great deal of resistance to change, basically because they cannot see a need for changing perfection.Narcissism is the epitome of insight-free self-centeredness.They often have a sense of entitlement and are grandiose in who they think they are. Narcissists can be male or female, but for present purposes I’ll make this narcissist male and call him “Joe.” He’s in his 50s and you meet him at a social gathering.