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04-Sep-2018 20:38

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On the incoming chat notification, you will see the profile name which indicates the website from which the customer started chat.

Once the chat is accepted, the Profile name will be displayed in the chat window.

Adding a widget profile will not install the widget on the website.

Ensure that the correct widget is installed on your website. You can just click on the Profile name on the drop down, make the customizations (Appearance, Widget Content, Pre-chat form settings, Language, Time Zone, Chat Status, Transcript email id) and click Save.

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Ellie, 19, Wallingford Online J Name: Ellie ID: 83478 Profile: Click Here

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The link lets your customers access your chat instantly if they have any questions or just want to get to know you and your business better.Hot Chat is not a real chat site, this site is used to deceive people so they upgrade and buy a membership.Based on the evidence it is suggested not to use this dating service. Ellie (): oh thanks sweetie :) You (): He's been missing for 3 days now Ellie (): where so you live?