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He also introduced the concepts of micro calibration and stealth attraction (under the radar techniques) when he released his stealth attraction system.“It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be good enough." “I used to be uncomfortable with my looks when I was young. So by working on guys fashion we make them look better and they look into the mirror and they go 'oh, it's really good'.” “When I imagine a super hero PUA, there is no way he is indirect!Work on fashion, body language, voice, extrovert qualities, social skills, building an interesting life, etc.If you focus solely on pickup, it can actually make you worse! I want the girl to be attracted to me, what I have to say, and what I truly think of her.The researchers found that when this brain region – called the insula – is damaged as a result of brain injury, people become immune to these distortions, such as the classic gambler’s fallacy that a run of “heads” means that a “tails” is now more likely, when in fact the odds of “heads” or “tails” have not changed.

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A compulsive gambler who participated in Gamblers Anonymous program shared his recovery in hopes to help others affected by this addiction. He played sports, volunteered at the local soup kitchen on holidays and had a high school sweetheart that he married soon after graduating. Five years after graduating college he already had two kids and a beautiful home. The news reporter hailed it as a big boost for the local economy.

Then one day the local news broad cast the grand opening of a gambling establishment.

How do I know if I'm "enabling" my spouse's compulsive gambling problem?

I don't want to do anything that might encourage his behavior.

He is the founder of PUA Training - a company that came late to the UK seduction market compared to other companies but quickly became the most popular and well known.