Dating telugu lyrics

01-Feb-2018 18:49

The Satellite Rights were sold to Zee Telugu for (US0,000).

However, in an unexpected turn of events, he and his dear ones are embroiled in a high-risk situation, which demands that he rise to the occasion and stand his ground against the odds. The reel opens with the snapshots of Rajinikanth Muralidhar (Naga Chaitanya) in a small brawl with a mob which later reveals that he had been quarrelling with the men for talking bad about his sister Maithrei.

Somehow all things falls and a few days passed by and Rajinikanth says that he is now confident to handle any situation that comes in his life and he is ready to face them.

Rajinikanth is now grown up a little and he has 2 love stories that revolved around him in the past, one is Sukanya and another is Mallika and now he considers his new Thunderbird bike as his first love ever.

Ramya calls the police for help as Swetha is being attacked, and names the attacker as "Ajay". The police arrive to find her dead body and arrest Ajay for murder.

It seems that Ajay's motive for killing Swetha was money, as Swetha was a wealthy heiress. While being transported to prison, the police van meets with an accident and Ajay escapes.

The film ends with Ajay catching the real killer and finding out that he was hired by Ajay's friend Dr.