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Non-refractory fire clays, however, have larger amounts of mica and feldspar.Formulations for stoneware vary considerably, although the vast majority will conform to: plastic fire clays, 0 to 100 percent; ball clays, 0 to 15 percent; quartz, 0 to 30 percent; feldspar and chamotte, 0 to 15 percent.Potters produced smaller containers like churns and canning jars for the local farmers and merchants.These forms tended to be less bulbous, but still had somewhat rounded sides.This manufacturing process offers clues to a crock's authenticity.Since antique crocks are so collectible, there are many reproductions on the market.Fire clays are generally considered refractory, because they withstand very high temperatures before melting or crumbling.Refractory fire clays have a high concentration of kaolinite, with lesser amounts of mica and quartz.

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If you are unsure that your stoneware is Red Wing, you can contact the stoneware experts at the Red Wing Collectors Society by using the “Ask the Experts” link and they will help verify the maker and provide an estimated value.

Some of these early pieces are quite rare and valuable, so proper identification is the key to knowing what you’ve found in that storage unit.