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24-Jul-2018 12:25

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Their arrogance and lack of social demeanor gets them into a lot of places. he just loves himself , but I guess deep down there are some huuuuuge insecurities .. I almost felt I should buy him Thank you cards for being with me and I should pay him substantial amounts of money for lowering himself to be with the lil ugly duckling like me *rolls eyes* Oh I had the pleasure of seeing some of the *beautiful * women he had been with prior to say *double bag please*All I can figure is he just felt so bad about himself he wanted others to feel the same way.*looks around* Nope, I don't see him around anymore....Lots of people find this type humorous for a while but they generally grow tired of them, which is why they have few friends. Even if you see a pretty girl with them it is because the ware them down to the point they say yes. I say toss this man...are supposed to build each other up, not tear them down.You have two choices--either call him on it and tell him how you feel (but nicely, of course), or drop him. But then, if you ended up ditching this guy, he'd probably tell the next girl that he was too hot for you and you couldn't handle being with his fine selfquestions 2-4 apply to me so much. lots of guys get jealous of hot popular girls its childish, save that for the hatin chicks!!! i guess all blondes are hot, cream of the crop, and tens no so much WHAT A DOUCHE!!!!yeah guys do use you to get to your friends (sometimes). i know a guy kinda like that, not THAT bad, but still the same bloated head, the one time he decides to be a wise guy and pinch my nipple so i gave him two nice shots in the arm and smiled at him when he started crying about it.You may have ended up with an arrogant guy who never agrees to his mistakes.Sometimes, you may find it difficult to make him understand your point of view.

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Well, girls, this time you are in for a tough deal.His ego rules him more than you can and he is going to be pretty insecure. Well, that’s a choice definitely but, then beyond that arrogance you know is a guy who loves you and who you love too.When arrogance mixes with selfishness you would find the task being doubled for you. If you feel there is scope to salvage such a situation, then here are a few ways of dealing with an arrogant boyfriend.Show confidence in yourself and be sure not to become arrogant, like him.

By then, he will give you attention and no longer show an arrogant attitude toward you.When you break up with him, he complains that you were just intimidated by his braininess and that all you wanted was a “thug.”Sit down, Boo Boo.Your oversized brain does not give you license to be an oversized jerk.An arrogant boyfriend is likely going to be jealous of everything.