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The Kingdom of Denmark were already consolidated in the late 8th century, whose rulers are consistently referred to in Frankish sources as Kings (Reges).Under the rule of King Gudfred in 804 the Kingdom may have included all the major provinces of medieval Denmark The current unified kingdom of Denmark was founded by the Viking kings Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth in the 10th century, making the monarchy of Denmark the second oldest in Europe after Scotland.But recent years have seen the Social Democrats swing hard to the right on immigration in an attempt to keep blue-collar voters from fleeing to DF.The two parties have often found common ground and political commentators and analysts have long floated the idea that DF and S could form an alliance that reaches across the centre of Danish politics and freezes out Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen's Venstre party.

The monarch is, in practice, limited to non-partisan functions such as bestowing honours and appointing the Prime Minister.

“The last prime minister we had was Helle Thorning-Schidt, and I've said, both as a bit of a joke but also quite seriously, that I spoke more with Mette Frederiksen in the months after the 2015 election than I spoke with Helle Thorning-Schmidt during her whole term,” he said.