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17-Feb-2017 02:14

Maybe they spent every day of their childhood inside figuring things out and maybe that's benefitting you now? Thus, when a woman decides to give a nerd a chance, she often finds herself in uncharted territory.Focus on his positive qualities, not his quirks When some women date nerds, they tend to focus on the "negative" side of his nerd-dom (long hours spent online gaming or his dressing up like Frodo Halloween).Instead, focus on his intelligence, faithfulness, and other great traits.

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To succeed with him, show him you aren't one of those people and that he's awesome exactly the way he is.As a scientist and closet nerd myself, I've known my share of nerdy men.They're great guys, but if you aren't accustomed to being around them, here are a few things you can do to ensure dating success:1. Nerds are not used to spending much time outside (awwww), which means forgoing da club to cuddle up and marathon everything on TV (all of it) is much more their speed.2.