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is an optimization module for a virtual DOM system. Update the page state, automatically re-rendering the page as necessary. Normally you would re-create the virtual tree every time your state changes. Carbon was an important part of Apple's strategy for bringing Mac OS X to market, offering a path for quick porting of existing software applications, as well as a means of shipping applications that would run on either Mac OS X or the classic Mac OS.As the market has increasingly moved to the Cocoa-based frameworks, especially after the release of i OS, the need for a porting library was diluted.

Traditionally you could draw sprites by copying tiles of pixels to screen memory, nowadays we use Open GL.

So let’s just use OS X’s native Cocoa layer and make a great game.

First off, Cocoa is an API for the Objective-C programming language.

See Apple's documentation on i OS 8 location services requirements for more information.

Interface for the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer sensors (the Core Motion framework).

Much of the Macintosh Toolbox consisted of procedure calls, passing information back and forth between the API and program using a variety of data structures based on Pascal's variant record concept.