City girl dating a country guy

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Getting the country fashion style Being country Pursuing country activities Compassionate country Community Q&A Country fashion is comfortable, neat and stylish all rolled into one.Add in country grace and manners, and it's a style many are opting to adopt, showing off openly their love of and pride for all things country.Three months later, Billy-Bob and Billy-Ray were sitting on the stoop, chewin' on some Red Man. “ Well, lets get these STUPID things off of our dicks!“ D'ya remember that city girl who stopped by here a while back? “ Ah sure do,” said Billy-Bob, with a smirk.

If "Howdy darling" spoken in a deep southern tone doesn't make you weak in the knees, then you don't know what you're missing.2. Now, I'm not saying other men don't work as hard as those who grew up in the country, but let's be realistic here – I've never seen anyone work harder. I don't know how all of them manage to have country dancin' on lock, but they do.

Growing up in the country means he possesses a plethora of skills, and you'll never find anyone more resourceful or determined.3. Don't even get me started on the ones who, in addition to dancing, can sing AND play guitar – y'all are definitely doing somethin' right. This includes all of the animals, nature, long days working in the sun, the entirety of our beloved wide open spaces and all of its glory, etc.

From sunrise to sunset, workin', huntin', fishin' – he does it all and he lives for it.6. I'd like your city boy try to pull a trailer, go mudding, or attempt the ever desired "stargazing in the bed of his truck" date in his Ford Focus. Bottom line, there's just something about a truck.7. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, country guys are some of the toughest you'll ever meet.

They say don't mess with Texas; more like don't mess with the mighty men of the country.8. For such tough men I don't understand how they posses such sweet hearts, but my oh my, they always do.

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Country boys are some of the most considerate, polite and genuine men out there.It was getting late so she asked two good ol' boys sitting on the stoop of a mobile home where she could get some gas.“ Well,” said one, “the fillin' station ain't open 'till tomorrie, but I reckon you kin stay the night with me & Billy-Bob here.” She accepted, only to be told that there was only one bed, which both Billy-Bob & Billy-Ray slept in. When all three of them were all tucked in, they were just about to jump her bones when she halted proceedings.Whether your passion is country music, Nascar, fishing, hunting, horses, or outdoor living, there are plenty of country western singles who love the same things you do.