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29-Jun-2018 15:50

Many sex education curricula, including those provided by Planned Parenthood, promote outercourse to teens as a form of “safer sex” because it eliminates the possibility of pregnancy and minimizes the risk of contracting many sexually transmitted infections.Outercourse is encouraged as a healthy activity for teens by those organizations because it teaches teens about their bodies and helps them derive pleasure from sexual activity.

Through my next two relationships, I struggled through the same guilt, the same questions: How far was too far?

Will we allow our children to walk near the edge of the cliff as they pursue relationships with the opposite sex?

Or will we guide them so far away from the edge that we help protect them from potential disaster?

Our friend and coworker Josh Mc Dowell makes the point well: “I would rather build a rail at the top of a mountain than have an ambulance service at the bottom of the valley.” The choice between sexual purity and sexual experimentation is an important battleground for the souls of Christian youth today.

This deadly trap snares millions of teens, scars their lives, and leads them away from a vital relationship with Christ. The first step to protecting your child in this area is to determine what you believe.Centuries ago, a popular queen was interviewing applicants to serve on a six-man team to transport her on a portable throne on long journeys.As she interviewed each man the queen asked, “If you were bearing me along a mountain path, how close would you go to the edge of a cliff with me seated on my throne?If you want exciting, you could inch forward and try to balance on the very edge of the roof. Like “wear shoes that give you good traction” or “have a parachute nearby.” But that still doesn’t give you any reason why you should try to get close to the edge.