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Hooper,” in which his yellow, feathery alter ego learns that his friend will not be coming back to make him birdseed milkshakes. Hooper’s death was revolutionary because of its frank discussion of a complicated subject that does not fit squarely into the box of children’s entertainment. Hooper” was ultimately the entire mission of the series boiled down into one episode.

It defined what Sesame Street was for most kids: using everyday moments—be they silly or sad—as teachable ones, without being patronizing about the subject matter.

If you’ve ever been to downtown Vancouver’s False Creek, you’ve likely seen them: tall gray-blue birds stalking in the shallows.

To see them in the air, they seem impossible, their long bodies and s-curved necks borne aloft on giant wings.

No matter Lee’s previous credits, he will best be known as Mr.

Hooper, the curmudgeonly Sesame Street grocer with a soft spot for the birds on his block. Hooper was one of the four original humans to take up residence on Sesame Street.

Excavation of these rings from articulated skeletons has shown that at least two moa genera (Euryapteryx and Emeus) exhibited tracheal elongation, that is, their trachea were up to 1 metre (3 ft) long and formed a large loop within the body cavity.

I feel very blessed to be surrounded with so many amazing … There is nothing I like more than loving cuddles, I am fairly easy going and a little crazy too....there is only one of me! :) I am an avid bookworm, a lover of a good cup of tea, a doodler (I took the first 1.5 years of a fine arts degree), and a bit of a hippie.

Moa extinction occurred around 1300 CE Although moa skeletons were traditionally reconstructed in an upright position to create impressive height, analysis of their vertebral articulation indicates that they probably carried their heads forward, in the manner of a kiwi.