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Kia whakapakari i te ngäkau möhio o ia iwi o te ao, i raro i te tikanga Mäori, kia whakatinana, ä, kia whakapümau hoki i te whakaaro kotahi mo ngä tikanga, ngä whanaungatanga, me ngä mahi whai ora a ngä tangata katoa.To enhance understanding between all people, embracing Mäori values, so as to establish and maintain a major focal point for cultural, social and economic development.If you are searching for someone and they are not in your search results, check that you are using the correct tab. A search for 'Will', for example, will bring up 'William' First or Family name(s).Results may also include "Will" if it is as part of an email address, username or a profile's keyword or rich content.You need a matchmaker who 'gets' you, and can match you to your equal, rather than setting you up with a string of unsuitable dates.When you join Two's Company Auckland dating service, you'll have the opportunity to meet like-minded single people who have been personally matched with you - by a person, not a computer.Muriwai: home to one of New Zealand's only gannet colonies, decent surf and – with the right weather conditions – excellent sunsets and stargazing.

So wouldn't it be great to have someone to do the searching for you - someone who really knows what type of person you're looking for.

While our calendars may have announced the official start to summer more than two months ago, it's only now really that the mercury has crept up high enough on the thermometer for us to actually call it summer without feeling like frauds.

Now, with the weather finally sorted out and the Christmas break firmly (unfortunately) behind us, it is time to explore Auckland and its periphery for summer dates to enjoy with your lover; mind, nothing's stopping you from making these friend dates either.

Meeting single people who share your values and interests can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

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And it's especially difficult when you're living a full life as it is.

Sorting results At the top of the page is a 'Sort by' drop down menu that allows the search results to be sorted based on 'Last name', 'First name' and 'Relevance'.