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From Elizabeth Banks to Condoleezza Rice, Jack has had his fair share of women -- and there's no question that he knows how to play the game.

Like all good people, he feels the need to impart his wisdom on the romantically-challenged ...

There was still work to do, but the early elements of the Liz-Jack dynamic start to come together here. “Cutbacks” (Episode 3.17) There’s plenty of good stuff in this episode, but the reason it’s on this list is for the moment when Jack informs Liz that “top front” is her “worst quadrant.” 98. ” (Episode 4.10) Danny never made much of an impact on 30 Rock, and his infrequent appearances, with prolonged absences, speak to that.

“Queen of Jordan 2” (Episode 6.20) It can’t live up the quality of the first “Queen of Jordan” episode, and it can’t be as original and fresh, but it’s still very funny. “The Rural Juror” (Episode 1.10) Pronunciation of the title of Jenna’s indie movie The Rural Juror became a wonderful running gag for the show, and it all started here. “Cougars” (Episode 2.07) The stuff about Liz dating a much younger man, and Jenna’s jealousy thereof, is fine, but it’s Tracy, Jack and Kenneth’s Iraq-paralleling antics in the world of Little League Baseball that are worth the price of admission. “When It Rains, It Pours” (Episode 5.02) Paul Giamatti’s guest appearance is a little broad, but funny, and there’s a lot of good stuff in there about Jack and Avery and Tracy and Angie and parenthood. However, this is the episode that used him best, and it also has some great Jenna stuff when she realizes she’s being offered a mom role on Gossip Girl. “Hiatus” (Episode 1.21) “Hiatus” is the first season’s finale, and, like a lot of finales, it has some big moments.

) to pick six guys based on one characteristic they each could contribute to my life, I'd go for these (I kept two of the original choices): The GQ Guy.

“Jack The Writer” (originally aired 11/1/2006)In which not everyone wants to work in television…A significant portion of “Jack The Writer” concerns the preparation of TGS With Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock’s way of expressing that even the rankest, most trivial, and/or most lethal jobs can have a hint of glamour—so long as they’re connected to television.